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Friday, June 21, 2019

Download Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Kothandaraman PDF

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Kothandaraman PDF

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Kothandaraman PDF

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Fluid Mechanics and Machinery C.P. Kothandaraman,R. Rudramoorthy New Age International Private Limited 4.07 MB

About Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Kothandaraman PDF

This book Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Kothandaraman PDF is intended for use in B.E./B.Tech. courses of various branches of specialisation like Civil, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering. The material is adequate for the prescribed syllabi of various Universities in India and the Institution of Engineers. SI system of units is adopted throughout as this is the official system of units in India. In order to give extensive practice in the application of various concepts, the following format is used in all the chapters.
  • Enunciation of Basic concepts 
  • Development of physical and mathematical models with interspersed numerical examples
  • Illustrative examples involving the application and extension of the models developed 
  • Objective questions and exercise problems 
The material Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Kothandaraman PDF is divided into 16 chapters. The first chapter deals in great detail with properties of fluids and their influence on the operation of various equipments. The fluid mechanics and machinery pdf download next two chapters discuss the variation of pressure with depth in liquid columns, at stationary and at accelerating conditions and the forces on surfaces exerted by fluids. The fourth chapter deals with buoyant forces and their effect on floating and immersed bodies. The kinetics of fluid flow is discussed in chapter five.

Contents of Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Kothandaraman PDF

  1. Physical properties of fluids
  2. Pressure distribution in fluids
  3. Forces on surfaces immersed in solids
  4. Buoyancy Forces and Stability of floating Bodies
  5. Fluid Flow basic concepts and hydro dyanamics
  6. Bernoulli equation and its applications
  7. Flow in closed conduits
  8. Dimensional analysis
  9. Similitude and Model Testing
  10. Boundary Layer Theory And Flow over surfaces
  11. Flow Measurements
  12. Flow in open channel
  13. Dynamics of fluid flow
  14. Hydraulic Turbines
  15. Rotodynamic Pumps
  16. Reciprocating Pumps
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Kothandaraman PDF

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