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Monday, November 5, 2018

[PDF] High Performance Concrete PDF by Pierre-Claude Aïtcin

High Performance Concrete PDF

High Performance Concrete PDF by Pierre-Claude Aïtcin

High Performance Concrete PDF by Pierre-Claude Aïtcin

Book Title: Author(s): Publisher: Size:
High Performance Concrete Pierre-Claude Aïtcin E. & F.N. Spon 10.8 MB

About High Performance Concrete PDF by Pierre-Claude Aïtcin

A complete review of the fast-developing topic of high performance concrete (HPC) by one in every of the leading researchers within the field. It covers all aspects of HPC from materials, properties and technology, to construction and testing. The book High Performance Concrete PDF are going to be valuable for all concrete technologists and construction engineers desire to require advantage of the exceptional properties of the fabric.
Table of contents High Performance Concrete PDF : 
Book Cover - Page 0
Title - Page 2
Contents - Page 3
Foreword by - Page 18
Foreword by - Page 20
Preface - Page 23
Acknowledgements - Page 28
Terminology: some personal choices - Page 31
Introduction - Page 37
A historical perspective - Page 52
The high-performance concrete rationale - Page 65
High-performance concrete principles - Page 114
Review of the relevant properties of some ingredients of high-performance concrete - Page 131
Materials selection - Page 192
High-performance mix design methods - Page 245
Producing high-performance concrete - Page 295
Preparation for concreting: what to do, how to do it and when to do it - Page 315
Delivering, placing and controlling high-performance concrete - Page 329
Curing high-performance concrete to minimize shrinkage - Page 341
Properties of fresh concrete - Page 368
Temperature increase in high-performance concrete - Page 379
Testing high-performance concrete - Page 403
Mechanical properties of high-performance concrete - Page 453
The durability of high-performance concrete - Page 488
Special high-performance concretes - Page 540
Ultra high-strength cement-based materials - Page 575
A look ahead - Page 586
Afterword by - Page 594
Suggested reading - Page 596
Index - Page 599

High Performance Concrete PDF by Pierre-Claude Aïtcin

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