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Monday, October 15, 2018

Rakesh Yadav Advanced Math PDF

Rakesh Yadav Advanced Math PDF

Rakesh Yadav Advanced Maths PDF

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Rakesh Yadav Advanced Maths PDF Rakesh Yadav Rakesh Yadav Publications 17 MB

About Rakesh Yadav Advanced Maths PDF

1. Unit Digit
2. Number of Zeroes
3. Factor 
4. Divisibility
5. Remainder Theorem
6. A.P & G.P.
7. Power Indices & Surds 
8. Simplification
9. Linear Equation in two variables
10. Polynomials
11. Algebric Identities
12. Trigonometry Identities
13. Maximum and Minimum value of Trigonometric function
14. Height and Distance
15. Trigonometry Circular Measure of Angles

16. Mensuration 2–D
17. Mensuration 3–D
18. Quadrilaterals
19. Polygon
20. Lines and Angles
21. Triangles
22. Congruence and Similarity
23. Centre of Triangle
24. Circle, Chords and Tangents
25. Co-Ordinate Geometry 

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