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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Wireshark Network Security PDF Piyush Verma

Wireshark Network Security PDF Piyush Verma

Wireshark Network Security PDF

If you are network administrator or a security analyst with an interest in using Wireshark for security analysis, then this is the book Wireshark Network Security PDF for you. Basic familiarity with common network and application services terms and technologies is assumed. His book Wireshark Network Security PDF starts off with a generational level overview of the functions and menus of Wireshark including a brief introduction of the command line tshark. Wireshark Network Security PDF then goes into several different examples and case studies of common attacks and how you can utilize Wireshark to help you identify them. Ultimately, Wireshark Network Security PDF is a good resource for introduction level network forensic and in my opinion good enough to get you started. The book Wireshark Network Security PDF was very easy to read and follow. Wireshark Network Security PDF Excellent Choice for Network Forensic Novice.
About the Author
Piyush Verma currently serves as a senior security analyst at NII Consulting, India, and enjoys hacking his way into organizations (legally) and fixing the vulnerabilities encountered. He strongly values hands-on experience over certifications; however, here are a few certifications he has earned so far: OSCP, CEH, CHFI, CCNA Security, and CompTIA Security+. He is a highly sought-after professional speaker and has delivered security training to folks working in public, private, and "secret" sectors.

wireshark network security piyush verma pdf

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