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Friday, November 17, 2017

Thermodynamics By PK Nag PDF Download

Thermodynamics By PK Nag PDF Download

Designed for aspirants of GATE and other competitive examinations as well as engineering students and teachers, this book has a comprehensive and authoritative coverage of thermodynamics. It lucidly incorporates the latest research results and exam patterns, making it instructive for every reader.

Published by McGraw Hill and authored by PK Nag, this paperback edition of the book is thoroughly revised to highlight the various concepts in thermodynamics. The book covers various chapters on temperature and gas laws, work and heat, energy and its reversibility, entropy, properties of gases and mixtures, refrigeration, gas power cycles and vapour power, compressors, reactive systems and thermodynamic equilibrium.

The book has a holistic study of topics of thermodynamic applications, automobile IC systems and power-plant engineering. Specific to each chapter are solved numericals as examples and a summary that highlights the laws, formulae and important points that help in making revision easier for readers.

Additionally, this edition has an expanded version of the chapter on energy. To test the readers’ understanding of the chapters, many review questions are provided at the end of each topic. There are several multiple choice questions from previous year’s papers of GATE. An appendix section with the important glossary and latest thermodynamic trends has been included.

About the Author
Established in 1888 in US, McGraw Hill Edition is a leading publishing house that started publishing in India also in 1970. The well known publishing house has put together a highly qualified and experienced team of editors and teachers to bring out studying material for various courses, which includes preparatory books for competitive examinations conducted for recruitment of public service jobs. The range of books that the house publishes for teaching curriculums at schools and colleges, and for competitive examinations are in an easy to understand language with easy learning solutions provided

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