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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Robert Bruce Astral Dynamics PDF

Robert Bruce Astral Dynamics PDF

Robert Bruce Astral Dynamics PDF First Edition

Astral projection is the classic term for what today is more commonly called out-of-body experience or OBE. In this fascinating volume, Robert Bruce has drawn on his lifetime's experience not only traveling in the astral dimension, but teaching others to do so.

Astral Dynamics provides, all in one package, a personal narrative, a "how-to," a troubleshooting guide, and a theoretical perspective. Whether you are a skeptic, a veteran astral projector, a novice or an armchair traveler--there is treasure here.

Astral Dynamics provides the intelligent and motivated reader with everything needed to put theory into practice:

Elements of Projection--Bruce's mind-split theory of what actually goes on during projection

New Energy Ways (NEW)--His stunningly practical method of raising awareness by using touch, which Bruce calls tactile imaging.
Core Skills--How to succeed at the three tasks that are essential to success in astral projection.
Projection Technique--What you need to know to stop reading about astral projection and actually do it.
The Akashic Connection--Speculations on things seen and heard while traveling in astral realms.

Written in an engaging, unpretentious manner,Astral Dynamics is already considered to be a classic.

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